Powder Coating Adds a Variety of Finishes to Kitchen Products?

You’ve felt the ultra smooth and glossy finish on household products used everyday. If you’ve seen the bright red lawn mowers or bicycle frames, you’ve seen the beautiful results that powder coating adds to products. Unlike paint, this type of coating is in a powder form that’s applied electrostatically. After it’s cured in high heat, the finish will be stronger than any paint. It’s almost like a skin that’s tough and beautiful. A product coated in it can be used day after day without the usual chipping, which means it’s newer looking for a longer time.

Any color of powder coating can be applied to kitchen and outdoor tools. The coating will resist acids, abrasion and solvents. It’s environmentally safe to use and can be recycled. It also retains it’s color and gloss through years of use. When companies choose powder coating instead of paint, they’ll find there’s a big difference in the amount of factory floor space the powder coating takes up, creating left over spaces and a safety advantage over paints. More and more companies are jumping on board to use this type of coating on the products they make. Log on to http://www.powdercoatingplus.com/industrial/powder-coating/ where you can read more information on the many advantages powder coating provides manufacturers.

Powder coating serves many types of industries and comes in many different textures of coatings that can be applied to such surfaces as steel, brass, glass and aluminum. You’ve most likely seen the coating on lawn and garden furniture, hand railings, doors and windows, heating and air conditioning appliances, school and outdoor furniture, display racks and shelving, lighting fixtures and medical equipment. This shows how popular and long lasting powder coating is and why it’s growing in popularity.

Industries such as the agricultural, automotive, electrical, furniture, appliance and medical industries are all getting involved with powder coating for the products they make. Whether a company wants their product to have a high or low glossy look, a matte finish in a texture such as wrinkles, hammertones, smooth or multi-component, it just takes knowing which company to talk to about this new type of coating. Make arrangements for applying various finishes to the products your company is manufacturing. Learn how your company can become a member while you’re on the website.